Coorong National Park

Address: Coorong SA 5264
Phone: (08) 8575 1200
The Coorong National Park is about two hours drive from Adelaide and extends 130 km south east from the mouth of the River Murray. At the mouth of the River Murray, Southern Ocean and sand dunes of the Younghusband Peninsula. The Coorong National Park is a birdwatchers paradise and is also rich in Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal culture. The 50,000 ha Coorong National Park was declared in 1966 to conserve the distinctive landscape, coastal dune system, lagoons, wetlands and coastal vegetation and the great variety of birds, animals and fish that live in or visit the area. As a habitat for numerous species of migratory birds and as a refuge for birds in times of drought, the Coorong is important in a national and international sense. The Coorong was included on the list of ‘Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat’, maintained by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources on 21 December, 1975 and the ‘Agreement between Australia, Japan and China for the ‘Protection of Migratory Birds and Birds in Danger of Extinction and their Environment’ on 30 April, 1981.

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