Badgingarra National Park


Address : Badgingarra WA 6521
190km from Perth via the Brand Highway with no internal roads. Located on the opposite side of highway from the town of Badgingarra. Badgingarra National Park is 13,108 hectares and features high breakaway country overlooking low undulating sandplains. The park is renowned for its incredible diversity of endemic wildflowers. Low scrub predominates, the lowlands bloom with extensive wildflowers in spring. Flora in this area includes the yellow and black kangaroo paws, two types of grass trees, banksias, smokebush, the rare Badgingarra mallee, the mottlecah (with the largest flower of all the eucalypts) and verticordia. Now, the biggest threat to the plants is the spread of dieback, a soil borne fungus. The white sands provide little nutrition for plants. Many plants use bacteria and fungi associated with their root systems to extract nutrients from the impoverished sand or obtain nitrogen from the air. Emus, bustards, wedge-tailed eagles, reptiles and the western grey kangaroo, are some of the fauna that inhabit this area.

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