Blackbraes National Park


Address : Lyndhurst QLD 4871
170km north of Hughenden, 280km west of Townsville. Undulating ranges surround basalt outcrops, black soil plains and seasonal swamps, and ironbark woodlands provide habitat for grey kangaroos, abundant birdlife and many other native animals. Adjacent to Blackbraes National Park are three resources reserves: Blackbraes, Moonstone Hill and Kennedy Road Gravel resources reserves. The park and the three reserves together cover about 52,000ha, and straddle two bioregions: the Einasleigh Uplands and the Gulf Plains. Undulating hills and ranges surround basalt outcrops, black soil plains and seasonal swamps. The elevation of the park is 900m, providing a wetter and generally cooler climate compared with the surrounding country. In basalt country, ironbark woodlands with native grasses dominate the landscape, providing food and shelter for many native animals. Grey kangaroos are common and birdlife is abundant. Moonstone Hill Resources Reserve, a volcanic crater, is popular for fossicking gem-quality feldspar called “moonstone”. Moonstone emits a silvery-white to blue colour when turned in certain directions. Fossicking in the reserve requires a licence from the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy.

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