Cape Range National Park


Address: Yardie Creek Rd, Cape Range National Park WA 6707
Phone: (08) 9949 2808
Lying predominantly on the western side of North-West Cape Peninsula, Cape Range National Park protects an area of 50 581 hectares. The northern boundary of the park is 39 kilometres from Exmouth by road, and the southern boundary is 70 kilometres north of Coral Bay. If you want to enjoy spectacular rocky gorges, carved by ancient rivers, adjoining one of the most pristine and beautiful coastlines in the world, come to Cape Range. The area is well known for the striking contrast between the clear blue seas, coral reefs and sandy beaches of Ningaloo Marine Park, and the rugged scenery of Cape Range. The Cape Range is the only elevated limestone range on the north-western coast of WA. The impressive weathered limestone range has plateaus of up to 314 metres high. It forms the spine of the peninsula that stretches up towards North West Cape in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. You can climb up deep rocky gorges to enjoy breathtaking scenery. One of many popular walks is a three-kilometre ramble through Mandu Mandu Gorge along the bed of an ancient river. As the summer heat is intense, walks should only be attempted between April and September. You can also view rock wallabies at Yardie Creek. Beneath the rocky plateaus and canyons of the Cape Range National Park lies a network of hidden caves and tunnels. They harbour a unique collection of bizarre cave-dwelling animals: an ancient treasure trove of immense value to both science and nature conservation.

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