Fitzgerald River National Park


Address: Western Australia
Phone: (08) 9842 4500

The Fitzgerald River National Park is situated half way between Albany (180km) and Esperance (app. 350km), and 540km from Perth. It is one of Australia’s largest National Parks, an UNESCO recognized Biosphere Reserve with an extremely diverse Flora and Fauna, spectacular bays and beaches, rugged mountain ranges and beautiful rivers – still a very unspoiled Nature Lovers Paradise, a true Wilderness. Besides the natural beauty, there is unique Point Ann, a bay where during July to beginning of November the Southern Right Whales come to calve in large numbers, and can easily be observed from viewing platforms or right from the shore. This season, sometimes up to 40 Whales have been sighted in one day, some of them, especially mothers and calves, come as close as 10 to 20 metres to the beach. This is an iconic feature since there is only one other place, Head of Bight, SA, where these endangered mammals can be seen in a similar way. Also it is one of the most botanically significant places in Australia, world known by botanists all around the world. The stunning Wildflowers, many of them endemic to the area like the Qualup Bell( flowering from June to September) or the Hakea Victoria (can be seen all year round) together with numerous other species, offer all visitors, not only those with special botanical interest, beautiful sights. Besides the whale watching and nature studies, visitors can enjoy other activities like bush walking for all ages and skills, swimming, snorkelling, surfing, fishing and camping. West Mount Barren for example offers stunning views from a moderate walk trail winding up to its peak. The area is blessed with a moderate Mediterranean climate which is quite different to Albany and the lower South West, less drizzle, but concentrated, heavy rainfalls on some days in winter with long periods of very pleasant days and sunshine in between. Summer days are normally just pleasant, very few hot days and there are no regular strong winds as the west coast of WA experiences during some seasons. There is an impressive quote, that sums up the significance of this very special National Park: “The Fitzgerald River National Park is without doubt the most important Mediterranean ecosystem reserve in the world. It stands out for its scientific, conservation and educational values in the same way that the Galapagos Islands do.” Baron Dr. Bernd von Droste, Head of World Heritage Bureau, UNESCO Paris.


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