Good Night Scrub National Park


Address: Good Night QLD 4671
Goodnight Scrub is in the Burnett Valley between Gin Gin and Gayndah. In hilly country in the Burnett Valley, Good Night Scrub National Park protects an intact remnant of once extensive hoop pine rainforest. Most of this 6670ha park is dry rainforest with tall hoop pines emerging above the forest. Distinctive bottle trees and crows ash are also common. The rest of the park is dry open forest of spotted gum, forest red gum and narrow-leaved red ironbark. According to local folklore, the scrub was so thick, people could not walk or ride through it. If cattle escaped into the scrub, you could “kiss your cattle goodnight”. Kalliwa Hut, a timber-getter’s hut at the park’s southern end, is a reminder of the park’s former forest logging days. This slab hut was moved here in the 1920s and later had its shingle roof replaced. Good night Scrub is the last known sighting of the presumed extinct paradise parrot. Part of the park will be flooded by the proposed Paradise Dam on the Burnett River.

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