Great Sandy National Park (Fraser Island)


Address: Cooloola QLD 4581
Phone: 13 74 68
Fraser Island is about 300km north of Brisbane and 15km off the coast of Hervey Bay and Maryborough. Vehicle access (4WD only) is via barge. A vehicle access permit must be purchased and displayed on your vehicle windscreen before driving on Fraser Island. Buy all permits before you go. The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island is an area of remarkable natural beauty. It was listed as a World Heritage Area in 1992. The listing recognizes the island’s internationally significant natural features: evolving dune, lake, soil and forest systems, the extent and age of which are outstanding examples of ongoing geological and biological processes, unique landscapes, which are examples of superlative natural occurrences. Growing on seemingly infertile sands is a great variety of plant communities ranging from coastal heath, mangrove forests and swamps to subtropical rainforest. The many archaeological remains on Fraser Island record thousands of years of culture and tradition, providing important links for the Butchulla people of today to their past. The island is 123km long and covers an area of 166,038ha, so you will need to allow plenty of time to explore and appreciate it.

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