Hinchinbrook Island National Park

Hinchinbrook Island lies off the north Queensland coast just 8km east of Cardwell. Commercial water taxis from Cardwell and Dungeness (Lucinda) transfer campers and walkers to the island. With its lush rainforests, rugged, misty and heath-covered mountains, sweeping sandy beaches, rocky headlands, paperbark and palm wetlands, mangrove-fringed shores and extensive open forests and woodlands, Hinchinbrook Island National Park is one of the world’s most outstanding island parks. The island’s mangrove forests are some of the richest and most varied in Australia and an important breeding ground for many marine animals. For thousands of years, the Bandyin Aboriginal people lived on Hinchinbrook Island. Middens and fish traps are reminders of their special culture. The island’s world-famous Thorsborne Trail was named after local naturalists Margaret and Arthur Thorsborne. Hinchinbrook Island is surrounded by marine park waters where fringing reefs and seagrass beds are home to a variety of marine life including dugong and green turtles.

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