Isla Gorge National Park

Address: 25170 Leichhardt Hwy, Taroom QLD 4420
Phone: (07) 4699 4334
About 515km by road north-west of Brisbane. A maze of gorges, sandstone outcrops and striking rock formations, this park protects many rare and threatened plant species. Gorge Creek, a tributary of the Dawson River, flows through the park. At the southern end of the Dawson Range, Isla Gorge National Park protects spectacular sandstone country in the central highlands. Isla Gorge is fairly broad and contains Gorge Creek, a tributary of the Dawson River. Open eucalypt forests, brigalow and softwood scrubs, and patches of dry rainforest with distinctive bottle trees are the main vegetation types in the park. The park is home to many rare and threatened plants including Eucalyptus beaniana, an ironbark found west of the lookout and Eucalyptus curtisii, a mallee. The plateau has brilliant wildflower displays in spring. Rock engravings and ochre stencils are a reminder that Aboriginal people have a close connection with this place. The remains of an old hand-paved road, constructed in 1864 to transport wool from the Roma district to the coastal port of Rockhampton, can still be seen in the western end of the park.

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