Lindeman Islands National Park

Address: Queensland
Phone: 1300 130 372
Access is by commercial or private boats or aircraft. Beyond the Whitsunday Passage lies the Lindeman group of islands. Like other islands in the Whitsundays, this group formed when a mountain range was drowned by rising sea levels. Lindeman was formed from the remains of molten rubble spewed from large volcanoes. Smaller islands have a resistant volcanic core while larger islands in the group are made up of granite. Lindeman Island has a variety of vegetation types including rainforest in sheltered pockets, open forest in drier areas, grasslands and wetlands. The Aboriginal people who visited these islands knew Lindeman as “Yara-Kimba”, the place of snapper and bream. Frequent burning maintained the grasslands on Lindeman Island. The islands and surrounding waters are part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and are protected.

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