Main Range National Park


Address: Tregony QLD 4370
Phone: 13 74 68
About 110km south-west of Brisbane. Impressive mountain peaks, escarpments and ridges offer breathtaking views in this World Heritage listed park, a home for rare and endangered wildlife and a popular bushwalking destination. Rugged mountain ranges, spectacular lookouts and rare wildlife feature in this prestigious World Heritage-listed park. Main Range National Park covers 29,730ha. A mosaic of vegetation types occurs in the park. Rainforests grow in moist or sheltered locations, with open eucalypt forest occurring on the drier ridges and valleys. Montane heath vegetation grows on the cliffs and rocky outcrops. These diverse habitats shelter much wildlife including the seldom seen Albert’s lyrebird, the eastern bristlebird and the black-breasted button-quail. Populations of these birds and other wildlife have been threatened by land clearing and fire. A restricted plant species, the giant spear lily Doryanthes palmeri,also occurs in the park. Careful management is essential for the continued survival of the park’s habitats and the wildlife that lives in them.

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