Moogerah Peaks National Park


Address: Moogerah QLD 4309
Phone: 1300 130 372
About 100km south-west of Brisbane. These volcanic peaks are significant refuges for rare and vulnerable wildlife. Close to Brisbane yet rugged and relatively undeveloped, they are popular with experienced bushwalkers and climbers. The ancient, volcanic peaks of Mounts French, Greville, Moon and Edwards are recognised not only for their unique shapes and as favourite bushwalking destinations, but also as remnant habitats of key conservation value within southeast Queensland. The peaks are mostly covered in open eucalypt forest with montane heath on the exposed rock faces and rainforest in some sheltered areas. Before land clearing, much of the Fassifern Valley was covered by brigalow and vine forest, known as the Fassifern scrub. Now only a very small remnant of this vegetation type remains, and is protected within the Mount French section of the park. These peaks are special places to Aboriginal people, bushwalkers and naturalists alike. If you come to Moogerah Peaks National Park be well prepared and to treat the bush with care and respect. Together we can keep it a wild and beautiful place.

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