Moreton Island National Park


Address: Moreton National Forest, Moreton Island QLD 4025
Phone:13 74 68
40km by ferry from Brisbane. Tall sand dunes, miles of sandy beaches, crystal clear creeks and lagoons, coastal heath, rocky headlands and abundant wildflowers make Moreton Island a jewel in Moreton Bay. Moreton Island features crystal clear creeks and lagoons, coastal heath, rocky headlands, abundant wildflowers, tall sand dunes, an historic lighthouse, ruins of coastal forts and miles of sandy beaches. Most of Moreton Island is both national park and recreation area, which covers the national park and beaches to low water mark. Tidal wetlands and waters around the island are protected as part of Moreton Bay Marine Park. The sheltered bay waters are home to various marine animals. Dugong feed on its seagrass communities while migratory and resident shorebirds feed and roost on the island’s beaches. Humpback whales can be seen from Cape Moreton during their migration from June to November. Indigenous cultural heritage includes shell middens that are evidence of thousands of years of Aboriginal occupation. Ruins of coastal defence bases from World War II are a reminder of Australia’s involvement in world conflict.

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