Mount Barney National Park


Address: Mount Barney QLD 4287
Phone: 13 74 68
About 120km south-west of Brisbane via the Mt Lindesay Highway. Rugged mountain peaks rise above the surrounding landscape in this wild, beautiful, World Heritage-listed park, popular with bushwalkers and home to many rare animals, plant species and communities. The distinctive peaks of Mount Barney, Mt Maroon, Mt May, Mt Lindesay, Mt Ernest, Mt Ballow and Mt Clunie make up Mount Barney National Park. These rugged peaks are the remains of the ancient Focal Peak Shield Volcano which erupted 24 million years ago. Mount Barney is the second highest peak in south-east Queensland. The park has extremely varied vegetation with open forests around the foothills of the peaks, subtropical rainforest above 600m, montane heath shrublands towards the summit of the peaks, cool temperate rainforest on the summit of Mt Ballow, and mallee eucalypt shrublands on Mt Maroon. Many rare and unusual plant species grow in the park including the endangered Maroon wattle Acacia saxicola Eucalyptus codonocarpa, Mount Barney bush pea Pultanaea whiteana and Eucalyptus michaeliana., the rare mallee ash. Most of Mount Barney National Park is in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area.

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