Mount Coolum National Park


Address: Marcoola QLD 4564
Phone: 1300 130 372
Mount Coolum National Park is about 90 minutes’ drive north of Brisbane via the Bruce Highway and the Sunshine Motorway. The park straddles the Sunshine Motorway and extends to the David Low Way near the township of Coolum. Turn off the David Low Way 6km south of Coolum or 3km north of Marcoola. Dome-shaped Mount Coolum rises 208m above the sugar cane fields and coastal resorts to dominate the skyline in the Sunshine Coast lowlands. Mount Coolum National Park contains most of the mountain with its craggy cliffs. After rain, waterfalls cascade over the sides. Open eucalypt forest skirts Mount Coolum’s lower slopes while grasslands and montane heath grow towards the summit. This is one of only two coastal places where montane heath grows. The park extends south and west of Mount Coolum protecting coastal wallum, paperbark wetlands and rainforest remnants which have largely disappeared from this part of the Sunshine Coast lowlands. The park contains threatened plant species such as the endangered Allocasuarina thalassoscopica and the rare Bertya sharpeana. About 40 percent of known fern families grow in the park. Peregrine falcons nest along the cliff faces. Mount Coolum is significant to the Gubbi Gubbi people and features in stories about the way the landscape was formed.

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