Mount Remarkable National Park

Address: Mambray Creek SA 5495
Phone: (08) 8634 7068
Vehicle access to Mount Remarkable National Park is from Highway 1, approximately 45 km north of Port Pirie, to park headquarters at Mambray Creek (5 km), or via a picturesque drive commencing 1 km south of Wilmington on Main North Road to Alligator Gorge (13 km). Walking access is provided within the park from these locations and from Melrose, which lies at the foot of Mt Remarkable itself. Mount Remarkable National Park, in the Southern Flinders Ranges, offers visitors a true wilderness experience within easy reach of Adelaide and the more populated areas of South Australia. Dramatic mountain scenery and natural diversity of the park make it a great location for camping, bushwalking and a wide range of recreational activities. The 16,000 ha park stretches from the coastal plain on the western side of the Flinders Ranges to the foothills above Wilmington. Its geographical location, where South Australia’s arid north and wetter southern regions overlap, makes it a key conservation area with an intriguing mix of flora and fauna from both environments.

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