Witjira National Park (and Simpson Desert Regional Reserve)

Address: Oodnadatta SA 5734
Phone: 1800 816 078
Witjira National Park, established in 1985 on land comprising the former Mount Dare pastoral lease, covers 7,770 km2 of gibber, sand dunes, stony tablelands and floodplain country on the western edge of the Simpson Desert in the far north of South Australia. It is truly spectacular country with vast landscapes including many areas of considerable archaeological, biological and geological interest. The attraction of the Dalhousie mound springs, combined with some delightful camping spots and upgraded visitor facilities, make Witjira one of the most popular Desert Parks, particularly with family groups. The need to protect and rehabilitate the 70 or so thermal springs in the Dalhousie complex was one of the main reasons for the establishment of Witjira National Park. The springs are home to unique species of fish such as the Lake Eyre hardy-head and other rare aquatic life. They are also a haven for arid-land birdlife. The park is part of the lands associated with the Lower Southern Arrernte, Wangkangurru, and Arabunna people who in 1989 formed the Irrwanyere Aboriginal Corporation, which manages the park jointly with us. The joint management agreement, the first of its kind in Australia, provides the advantages of a shared approach to the land which accommodates traditional Aboriginal uses together with environmental management, tourism and recreational activities.

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