Coorabakh National Park


Address: Lansdowne Forest NSW 2430
Phone: (02) 6552 4097

25 km north of Taree. Follow the signs on Pacific Highway at Moorland. Three prominent volcanic intrusions known as Big Nellie, Flat Nellie and Little Nellie dominate the park. Tall open eucalypt forest gives way to low stunted shrub land on the exposed summits and the Lansdowne escarpment, while warm temperate and subtropical rainforest is found in protected gullies. This unique habitat is home to threatened species such as the spotted-tailed quoll, powerful owl and stuttering frog. Newbys Cave is a short stroll along Newbys Creek from the car park. Newbys Lookout offers picnic facilities and sweeping views of the Manning Valley. Flat Rock Lookout overlooks the upper Lansdowne Valley and Comboyne Plateau escarpment. Starrs Creek Picnic Area includes a rainforest boardwalk and there’s another picnic area at Big Nellie.

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