New England National Park

Address: Comara NSW 2440
Phone: (02) 6657 2309
85 km east of Armidale on the Waterfall Way along unpaved roads. This park is home to a surprising range of flora and fauna. Walking tracks make some of the remarkable landscape accessible, but most of the Heritage Listed park is wilderness. The park embraces two major river valleys (the Bellinger and the Macleay) and many of the lesser streams drain into the rivers via small waterfalls, bubbling cascades and flowing rapids. Much of the lush rainforest is overgrown and more than 1000 plant species have been identified within the park. Thirty species of native animals have been spotted including eastern grey kangaroo, wallaroo, red necked wallaby, gliders, possums, bush turkey, lyrebirds, fruit doves, pale grey wonga pigeons, crimson rosellas, a dozen different frog species and even the elusive platypus. Here you can enjoy bushwalking, picnicking and panoramic lookouts, but be prepared for cold wet weather at any time.

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